Now You’re Special To Me: Downton Abbey and the Adoption of Daisy | Mockingbird

For you Downton Abbey fans, a little something from Mockingbird. This scene between Mr. Mason and Daisy spoke loudly of God’s grace.

In the wake of William’s death, his father, the lonely, grieving Mr. Mason, reaches out to his late son’s bride, in the understandable hopes of establishing some kind of a relationship. The indefatigably honest Daisy, feeling that she married William under false pretenses, runs away. She is plagued with guilt and regret, enough so that she breaks into tears when she is on her own (which the Dowager, in one of the finale’s most touching moments, compassionately addresses). Daisy cannot avoid Mr. Mason forever, however, and eventually accepts an invitation to tea at his humble dwelling. The following scene ensues:

Daisy: You shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. Not for me. I don’t deserve it. Not when I was only married to William for a few hours.

Mr. Mason: You may not know this Daisy, but William had three brothers and a sister. All dead at birth, or not long after. I think that’s one reason why William married you. So that I wouldn’t be alone. Without you, I’d have no one to pray for. I think William knew that. So will you be my daughter? Let me take you into my heart? Make you special? You’ll have parents of your own of course…

Daisy: I haven’t got any parents. Not like that. I’ve never been special to anyone.

Mr. Mason: Except William.

Daisy: That’s right. I was only ever special to William. Never thought of it like that before.

Mr. Mason: Well, now you’re special to me.

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