Rabbit Trails 3/10/12

Rabbit Trails is what I’m calling my Saturday morning post of interesting stories from around the web. I suppose some of them are only interesting to me. If you find something and you would like to submit, just drop me a line.

Rebecca Walker talks about how the fanatical feminism of her mother, the author of The Color Purple, ruined their relationship.

Chaplain Mike over at the iMonk demonstrates how Christian Contemporary Music often cleans up the hard stuff of life so we can all feel artificially happy.

Apparently, putting up an anti-religious billboard in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood isn’t bigoted, but the buildings owner refusing to allow it to go up is.

Joseph Kony is all the rage this week.

Mike Patton over at Parchment and Pen has a good post on a common objection to Christianity.

The Mormons are trying to curb the practice of proxy baptism. Would it bother you if a Mormon was baptized for you?

My greatest fears realized: People aren’t smart enough for democracy.

For you kayakers and surfers out there.


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Trails 3/10/12

  1. Perhaps the name “world wide web” should be changed to “world wide rabbit trail”?

    iMonk: I agree in general, but I think it is something that goes beyond just CCM. It’s human nature to want to gravitate toward the happy, feel good theology. Not that it is wrong to want that or have that, but it needs to be tempered by the lament.

    Proxy Baptism: I find the whole thing, like many Morman practices, silly. It would have no effect on me, so I could care less if they do it or not. There are much deeper issues.

    Democracy: Sad indeed! But, I think the problem is much broader than just the intelligence of the voter. It seems to me that the founding fathers for the most part understood that the sinful nature of man would be problematic in setting up a democratic government(or any form of government). That’s why they set up a system of checks and balances and limited the roles of govenment. We certainly can see now how that nature can manifest itself. It seems like our government has become more about marketing the candidate and maintaining power(on both sides of the aisle) than about governing a nation. The founding fathers talked about not wanting to live under the tyranny of one man(the king). What difference is it if the tyranny comes from a king or from a congress?

    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks for commenting.
      I find people’s anger over the proxy baptism thing to be confusing. I suppose those Mormons who practice it feel they are doing a good work for us poor souls who don’t see the light. It doesn’t actually accomplish anything, and I suppose it doesn’t really hurt anything either. It just doesn’t matter. I wonder if some people get upset about these practices because they are generally insecure in their own beliefs so the thought that a Mormon would feel the need to be baptized on their behalf causes them a sort of crisis.

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