Rabbit Trails 3/24/12

Hopping down the WWRT (World Wide Rabbit Trail), we find some interesting news this week…

Here is a very interesting post from one Dan Birdsong writing for CNN Religion Blog. The topic is about Mitt Romney and how he can get more votes by appealing to civil religion. The post is interesting because it gives a good explanation of what civil religion is, and how politicians manipulate it to get votes. It gives a good framework for discussion, and I’ll be writing more on this in the near future.

In case you missed it, Manning is in Denver, and Tebow is almost a Jet. Crazy. Apparently, people will miss him in Denver.

Showing you how out of touch I am with pop culture, there’s this really cool movie/book/TV show(?) called the Hunger Games. Everyone is talking about it.

Downs Syndrome children are becoming rarer, and not for good reasons.

A story reminding me that our real enemies are not people, and a little compassion can fix many hurts.

Does an employer have the right to ask for your Facebook password?


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