Rabbit Trails (4/14/12)

Now that Holy Week has passed, I thought we could get back to hopping down the WWRT (World Wide Rabbit Trail).

Ed Stetzer (President of Lifeway Research) has a great article on surviving unhealthy Christian organizations (and churches).

Vandy students are fighting their schools nondiscrimination policy.

From The Atlantic, since the advent of the internet, people read more books. Check out the chart.

The mystery of disappearing bee colonies is fascinating to me. Maybe it’s caused by pesticides? It wouldn’t surprise me. Anyone remember DDT?

Scot McKnight talks about seeing the gospel at Easter like a Celtic knot.

Summer is coming. Take your kids outside to play!

Apparently, rattlesnakes are afraid of squirrels. Sort of.


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Trails (4/14/12)

  1. Unhealthy Christian Organizaions – Ya, great article, I’ve seen that stuff at every level; from small churches to large universities. Soon after becoming a Christian, many years ago, I put a bumper sticker on my car that said, “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” And, yet, I would always shake my head in disbelief when I would see things like this happening in the churchand would think, “Christians should know better.” I think as we get higher up the totem pole pride can well up and it can become easier to forget that we are still sinners in need of a savior. Its even easy to forget when you’re low on the totem pole.

    Vandy – I see the hypocrisy in the policy and think that the organizations should be able to not allow whom they choose. My question is is there some benefit to being a registered organization. Can they still do what they are doing and not be registered?

    Disappearing Bees – I think there should be a study to determine if the miniture tracking devices had an adverse effect on the bees. I have heard recently that there have been studys that have refuted the severity of the effects of DDT, but I don’t know the accuracy of that.

    Easter Celtic Knot – You could add Christmas to that. His death wouldn’t have matter without the birth, but the birth would have mattered with the resurrection, etc.

    • Another off the point rabbit trail . . .

      DDT – Saves Millions of lives.

      DDT has gotten a bad rap. Pittsburgh’s own, Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, lead the charge to have DDT banned. Her well written work of fiction stirred public emotion and launched the modern environmental movement. What she and other supporters actually did was exterminate tens of millions of people. A very small example was Ceylon, currently Sri Lanka. Spraying of DDT reduced malaria cases from 2.8 million in 1948 to 17 in 1963. After spraying was stopped in 1964, the cases rose to 2.5 million by 1969.

      In 1970 the National Academy of Sciences stated, “In little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million deaths due to malaria, that would have otherwise been inevitable”.

      Numerous recent studies have come to that same conclusion; DDT exposure did not increase the risk of cancer. Dr. Paul Muller, the scientist who discovered DDT’s insecticidal properties and winner of the Noble Prize in Physiology and Medicine, used to drink a teaspoon every year on the day DDT was banned.

      The World Health Organization changed it stance on DDT in 2006 admitting that at times DDT was the best insecticide to prevent malaria. Shame millions and millions had to die before they came to this revelation.

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