It’s OK To Waste Your Time

Time will not heal all wounds, but time wasted with people in the name of Jesus certainly can. People will put up with all kinds of foibles if they know you love them. We spend so much time worrying about if our music is appealing, and preparing our Sunday School teachers and small group leaders, but the really big question we need to be asking is if people in your sphere of influence know you love them.

Do we view ourselves as part of a community, part of a family, or are we simply participants in a program? Programs have their place, but they give us the illusion that busyness creates spiritual growth, and busyness together creates community. Neither of these is true. Spiritual growth is found when you waste time with God in prayer, and community is built by wasting time with people.

Jesus wasted lots of time people. Sure, he was about his Father’s business, but it wasn’t busyness masquerading as Kingdom work because Kingdom work is all about communities built on a common love for and faith in Jesus. He purposefully spent time with his disciples. He purposefully healed. He purposefully wasted time eating and talking and praying and enjoying people. As Martha the sister of Mary and Lazarus learned, the greatest commandment is not “Be Busy.” The greatest command is to love God, and the second is to love people. Find a way to waste time on and with people. Get out of your box. Get out of your rut. Give up your addiction to busyness, to activity, to false achievement. Waste time for the Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “It’s OK To Waste Your Time

  1. That is so true. Thank you for stating so eloquently. I will be praying about this today. This is a struggle.

  2. Yet another great point! I think there is a misplaced tendancy to equate doing God’s will with our achievements and the things we accomplish. God created us to have an intimate relationship with Him and every He does and expects from us comes from that context relationship. That’s why Jesus hated so much the religion of the pharisees that was all external. They did all the right things on the outside, but their hearts were rotten. I think your post about the selling the car is a perfect example of the kind of service God desires.

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