Six Things I Wish I Could Do (Better)

Sometimes I look around at the very talented people I know, and I marvel at how good they are at things. Me? Well, I’m a one trick circus pony. I wish I was had more skills and talents. I’m a hyper-focused guy who has too many opinions and doesn’t know when to stop talking, but in another life I would like to be more well-rounded. So, here is my list of things I wish I could do…

  1. Play the piano. I had no musical training as a kid. I regret that.
  2. Play Ice Hockey. I played football into college, and my body is starting to feel it. A lower impact sport would’ve been great.
  3. Gardener. I know nothing about plants. My wife wanted a hydrangea for her birthday. I went to the local greenhouse and asked if they had any. I was pointed to the area of the grounds where they were. I looked out and saw lots of bushes. I said, “You have to walk me too them because I don’t even know what they look like.” So yeah, I’m jealous of you green thumbs.
  4. Photographer. Any monkey can push the button, but some of you create photographic beauty.
  5. Fisherman. I like to fish, but I’m no fisherman.
  6. Golf. Nevermind, why would I pay so much money just to be terrible?
How about you? Anything you wish you were more skilled at doing?

One thought on “Six Things I Wish I Could Do (Better)

  1. Sewing – I can figure out just about anything, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to operate a sewing machine.

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