Rabbit Trails (4/28/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

I’ve thought a lot lately about the role of men in the Church, in the family, and in society. CT has an interesting article on the efforts of Richmond, VA to connect fathers to their children.

David Brooks on the role of good government.

Scientists have found the first all white adult Orca.

Joel Osteen vouches for Romney’s Christianity. I feel more confident already. (Please read with all intended sarcasm.)

Facebook will make almost $5 off of you this year.

If you were waiting for the release of the iPhone 5, it may not be happening anytime soon.

Would you leave your kids in a park for two hours by themselves? I don’t think I would, but are we just being soft?

Cheez-its are effective weapons for use against your wayward spouse.

Apparently, online gaming can make families closer. Who knew?

The Taliban are still alive and well in Afghanistan. They shut down 50 schools this week.

Pizza Hut thinks you can give someone half a cheeseburger and call it a pizza.


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Trails (4/28/12)

  1. David Brooks – maybe it’s just me, but even for a rabbit trail that was quite a meander. I’m still not sure where it was going.

    White Orca – yet more proof that the internet is full of pointless fluff

    Joel Osteen – (shakes his head wondering why people listen to him)

    Leaving kids in park – 1) obviously the woman who reported the incident didn’t believe the mantra that it takes a village to raise a child. 2) Why is there more outrage for leaving kids unsupervised in the park for 2 hours than leaving them unsupervised for 2 hours in front of a TV.

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