Facebook Is…

  1. An office divided into cubicles with everyone shouting at the same time.
  2. The Jerry Springer Show when the guests don’t seem to realize they are making fools of themselves.
  3. A courtroom when the judge tells the reporter to strike something from the record. You might be able to delete it, but that doesn’t mean people forget it was there.
  4. Looking through someone’s medicine cabinet. There is a such thing as too much information.
  5. Where stalking doesn’t seem so creepy, and might even be taken as a compliment.
  6. The place where everybody knows your name, but few really know you.
  7. The place where people forget what “www” stands for when they post that picture from the New Year’s Eve party.
  8. The place where everybody gives up their personal info as long as Big Brother pinky swears not to tell anyone else.
  9. The place where grammar and spelling go to dye.
  10. The place where you remember that some fashions need to stay dead.

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