Rabbit Trails (5/5/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this first week of May, 2012…

I find this story about one Dan Savage to be disturbing. If for no other reason than this activist against bullying homosexuals can’t see his own hypocrisy when a 47 year old anti-bullying activist bullies a room full of high school students. As for the comment that he has a right to defend himself, I ask from whom? The kids he was trying to humiliate?

  • Fox News Radio reports it here.
  • Video clip here.
  • The Gospel Coalition comments.
  • CNN follows up here.

Jesus Creed has an interesting discussion about the Kingdom of God and politics.

Pray for the peace of Nigeria.

A mysterious mass death of dolphins and birds in Peru.

The number of drug addicted newborns is skyrocketing.

The Ford Mustang is my favorite car. Here some secrets about it.

I love this story about prisoners at Angola performing a Jesus play.

Apple pays a 9.8% tax rate. Seriously?


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  1. “Apple pays a 9.8% tax rate. Seriously?” Careful, your Mac will get revenge on any “subversive” posts about its creator.

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