Rabbit Trails (5/12/12)

Hopping down the WWRT…

I’ve had an awful blogging week. I just couldn’t find my muse. I’ve been told that Stephen King’s muse is an old man smoking a cigar. Anybody know where I can find one of those?

Scot McKnight has a fun and interesting post on the way things have changed in the church since he was a kid.

I’ve decided to make up my mind about the debate swirling around whether or not America is a Christian Nation. This has been on my mind a lot lately, and in the weeks running up to memorial day, I will re-post material from other blogs, and I have an idea for a post of my own. In the meantime, here are some links from around the web representing various view points on the topic. (Because I post it here does not mean I’m endorsing any of them. I’ll be commenting on my own viewpoint later.)

  1. In 2011, Kenneth C. Davies argues that America is not a Christian nation.
  2. John Fea, a professor at Messiah College in Grantham, PA, writes a nice piece on how history gets abused in order to meet an agenda.
  3. Michael Lind over at Salon magazine definitely has an opinion, and in the last paragraph he makes an interesting observation. I think he down plays our Christian heritage too much.
  4. Catholic Carl Pearlston has a nicely nuanced piece that I think gives a fair  representation the facts and data.

Along the same lines, this weird case in Virginia involving the ACLU and the Ten Commandments.

Online learning is being embraced by some of the biggest names in American education.

Pastor Sam Storms discussing the different views of eschatology (end times, Revelation).