Rabbit Trails (5/26/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

Relationships between Christians and Muslims in Egypt are not stable.

In a pluralistic society, prayer before public meetings can get complicated and ridiculous.

I’ve listened to NPR for years, and I ‘ve caught some grief for it. My experience has been that NPR is informative, interesting, and not nearly as rabidly liberal as some would have us believe. I stopped watching Fox News years ago because I realized that Fox’s agenda amounts to a kind of brain washing. Turns out that those who only watch Fox News are far less informed about domestic and international issues than those who listen to NPR, watch only Sunday morning political talk shows, or watch no news programming at all. That said, none of the three major cable new outlets scored well. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC were at the bottom. It seems to me that this is a criticism of all cable news media, not just Fox News. My rule of thumb: if something is really popular with the masses, run the other way.

I link here a short video with Dr. Mike Licona interviewing Dr. Dan Wallace about the recent discovery of several very old NT manuscripts. The oldest of which is a fragment of the Gospel of Mark which dates from the 1st century AD. Why is this important? It gives us yet another manuscript of the gospels written or copied close the source event of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. It demonstrates the validity of the biblical claim that the gospels were written by their authors. It improves to some degree our understanding of what the original manuscripts said, and thus gives us confidence in the bible we have.

The CDC issued a new report on the divorce rate in the U.S.(download .pdf) It is 22 pages of statistics, graphs, and charts. I’ll be sorting through it, and posting on it in the coming weeks.