Rabbit Trail (6/16/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

Michelle Boorstein at WaPo talks about the recent massive survey demonstrating that Gen-Xers have become less religious as they’ve gotten older. Here is the full report.

Creflo Dollar has been arrested on battery charges. If you don’t know who ole’ Creflo is, that’s probably for the best.

I don’t read much Christian fiction. There is an author or two I like, but mostly I don’t read it much. This article has me thinking about Christian art generally. Christian publishers and authors are being warned to disclose that the free e-books they are distributing are “Christian” fiction. Not doing so opens them up to criticism. Why is this? Is it because the fiction has a Christian message? Is it because Christian fiction is, in my opinion, mostly boilerplate work? or is it some combination of this?

A thought provoking piece from Ross Douthat on modern day eugenics.

Pray for peace in Nigeria.

Focus On The Family has entered the conversation over immigration reform. Good for them. This marks a bit of a departure from the organization’s usual political stances.

Can a photographer refuse to photograph a same sex marriage?

Just for fun…an invasive algae lovingly referred to as “rock snot.”