Rabbit Trails (6/23/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

Giving to religious organizations has been on the decline over the last few years. Missionaries in particular feel the financial crunch.

Very interesting report from the Wall Street Journal on current divorce trends in the U.S. Divorce among Baby Boomers is on the rise while it is declining somewhat for younger generations.

A Phoenix home owner must serve 60 days in jail for holding a bible study in his home.

If you’re into geek stuff, here is an interesting (but a little lengthy) article about a raging war over who invented e-mail.

A post from John Piper’s Desiring God blog discussing his view on the homosexuality issue. I think Piper is mostly right in his assessment of the issue, but he doesn’t answer my question as to how fighting this battle in the political sphere accomplishes the sort of righteousness that God expects and Jesus provides.

One of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard this week…a neighborhood is considering banning the use of sidewalk chalk by children.

This story out of Canada about a man who loses custody of his children because of his obesity has me conflicted. What do you think?

Hands down the dumbest story this week…a canoeist shoots a boater in the buttocks.