A Week With G.K. Chesterton (Friday)

This week, I thought I would give you some of my favorite G.K. Chesterton quotes. The guy was one of those writers who is endlessly quotable. He was a British thinker and author who died in 1936, a Catholic, and a significant influence on the thinking of C.S. Lewis. He wrote some deeply theological things, but he was very humorous too. His book, Orthodoxy, is one of my favorites.

On this Friday in Chesterton Week…

“Morality did not begin by one man saying to another, “I will not hit you if you do not hit me”; there is no trace of such a transaction. There is a trace of both men having said, “We must not hit each other in the holy place.” They gained their morality by guarding their religion. They did not cultivate courage. They fought for the shrine, and found they had become courageous. They did not cultivate cleanliness. They purified themselves for the altar, and found that they were clean.”