A Truly Christian Boycott | inexhaustible significance

If you hang around the internet, blogs, or Facebook you’ve probably heard about the Chick-fil-A controversy. I didn’t post on it, but I did have a bit of a discussion with some friends on Facebook when Facebook pulled down references to Mike Huckabee’s “support Chick-fil-A” day. According to Facebook, the event was getting so many “likes” it triggered the spam filters and was taken down. I commented at the time that it made me nervous when a large information sharing company like Facebook seemed to act as thought police. It still makes me nervous.

With that said, this pastor has some good thoughts on boycotts and controversies.

“People who tell you to fear are trying to control you.”

Do not be afraid.

A Truly Christian Boycott | inexhaustible significance.


3 thoughts on “A Truly Christian Boycott | inexhaustible significance

  1. Good link. Yes, the frenzied fear and paranoia that some evangelicals have (with this and other issues) really concerns me. It makes me want to distance myself from evangelicals! Yet, the Chick-fil-A controversy did cause me concern too. To me, it is not so much about gay marriage as just freedom of speech. The owner of a company has the right to have and express opinions no matter what side of an issue they fall on! Yea, I still wonder about facebook – whether it was really a spam filter thing or them being thought police. Oh no – I’m getting paranoid! ; )

  2. I totally agree. The gay marriage issue is the culture war battle ground of the moment. Fair enough. But censorship is more troubling. My paranoid self wonders if Big Brother’s last name is Zuckerberg. 🙂

  3. I’ve never completely understood why Christians get so up in arms over gay marriage, abortion, and other “political” issues. Sure, they’re wrong and we should decry them. But, the Bible is pretty clear that things are only going to get worse and there isn’t anything we can do about it. Maybe they didn’t pay close enough attention to the Book of the Revelation.

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