Rabbit Trails (8/11/12)

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

I really liked this post from Trevin Wax about keeping Christ central in our teaching and preaching.

In one of the more disturbing stories of the last few weeks, the Sikh temple shooter claims he is a Christian terrorist even though he isn’t really a follower of Christianity. Brian Auten at TGC takes a look at the claim.

Speaking of cults, Marty Duren is tired of Westboro Baptist Church being called “Baptist” and “Church.” He’s right.

Crazy story about hackers who wrecked a journalist on-line life so they could get his Twitter handle. Back up those computers!

Another TGC link. This time, a good quote from C. S. Lewis on humility. If you’ve ever heard me teach or preach on humility, I get most of my view from Lewis.

And lastly…It sounds ridiculous, but yes, a French Renaissance Fair was robbed of $25,000 at the point of a sword.


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