The End Of Us All

It is better to go to a funeral than a feast. For death is the destiny of every person, and the living should take this to heart.” (Ecclesiastes 7:2, NET)

That old man you know wasn’t always elderly. He wasn’t always dying. That person lying in that bed gasping those recognizable breathes of one who is close to eternity used to be hale and vibrant. He used to play volleyball, and work the fields. He used to shape wood into beautiful figures. He used to a drive school bus and let the kids stop by the ice cream shop on the way home. He used to laugh. But now he has passed, and like a dream, those memories are truly memories. They are sweet reminders of what was. 

But then, there are those that remain. We play with our kids, and commute to work. We have our hobbies, our interests, and our opinions. We argue, laugh, and celebrate. We move from day to day. It is easy to forget that we will one day be breathing the rasping breathes of death. We put it out of our minds, but like a dull headache, the thought lingers that no matter how long our lives, we are not long for this world.

We live as if this is all there is, but surely we must know there is more. There is an eternity and a plan in the mind of God. Our lives are precursor to that eternity. When that eternity arrives, it will be a sweet day. We will eat with our Lord in his Kingdom. We will be whole. We will live again and it will be sweet.

The destiny of every person is death, or at least, we are destined to pass through death. But on the other side there is life. Life eternal in our restored and resurrected body living in the presence of Jesus the Christ in the Kingdom of God, this is the hope of Christianity. Will we play volleyball or eat ice cream? Will we enjoy a long walk in the woods and watch a perfect sunset. I think so, because eternity for the believer will be like this life, but better and yet familiar in the way old memories can seem so sweet. We will live out the our eternal destiny dwelling with Christ in his kingdom. For those who call on Christ alone, this is our end. I look forward to that end.


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  1. Good to hear from you; and thank God for His Son! I too cannot wait to see Him someday.

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