Did Jesus Have A Wife?

I don’t know if you heard about this, but a Harvard Divinity School scholar has released a very small fragment of an early Coptic document referring to Jesus’ wife. I’ve read different reports concerning the dating of the it. Some are saying it’s mid-2nd century, and others are saying it’s from the 4th century.

The phrase in questions reads, “Jesus said to them, “My wife…”.

Texts like this are occasionally discovered, and though it is too early to say exactly what it is, it is likely a fragment belonging to the genre of gnostic gospel. The Gnostics were an early heretical sect, and they wrote several “gospels” where they created fictional conversations between Jesus and his apostles. The gnostics held these as authentic teachings of Jesus. These have never been accepted as legitimate scripture by the Christian Church, and I consider them an early version of fan fiction. The bottom line is that this document is interesting, but it probably has no value in telling us anything truly historical about Jesus.

Don’t listen to the hype of some media outlets that are saying this discovery could “shake the foundations of Christianity.” That’s a ridiculous claim. The members of media really don’t understand Christianity or history if they’re reporting this as a game changer.

CNN’s belief blog has a good article on the event, and quotes heavily from Darrel Bock, NT Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. His assessment is that this fragment will likely have no affect on historical Jesus studies because it isn’t anything that unusual for the time period. This kind of stuff has existed from the early days of the Church, and it has never gotten any traction because there is no basis in reality for claim that Jesus had a wife. Take a look at the CNN article.

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    • You’re welcome. Sometimes this stuff gets out there, the media has a tendency to run with it, and they really don’t always understand what they’re talking about.

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