Rabbit Trails (9/22/12)

Tracking down the goofiness of the World Wide Rabbit Trail since April.

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

An Iranian cleric got beat up by a woman he was confronting about her dress. Yeah, I’m laughing. That head scarf isn’t such a bad thing to have on if you’re planning on beating up a cleric.

Walmart got some bad press this week for allegedly ripping up a customer’s $100 bill thinking it was a fake.

Going into the wayback machine to say…July, here’s a story from the LA Times about Chick-Fil-A’s decision to stop supporting Christian organizations who were outspoken about the 2,000 year old Christian view of marriage. As much as I thought it was a mistake for Christians to overreact to the controversy, I think it’s a mistake to CFA to back off its stance. Here’s analysis of that article from the Get Religion blog where the author rightly decries the liberal media bias and lack of journalism when it comes to this issue.

If you’re into coffee, and believe Fair Trade is the way to go, here’s a quick list of places you can find good Fair Trade bean.

On Thursday, I posted about the Coptic fragment that referenced Jesus having a wife. On his blog, Dr. Darrel Bock gives a more lengthy explanation of the fragment. I posted yesterday a lengthy explanation of the artifact  and the situation surrounding it from Dr. Dan Wallace.

According to the Pew Forum, restrictions against religion are on the rise world wide.

Some great pictures from The Atlantic. 50 pictures from the 50 states.


One thought on “Rabbit Trails (9/22/12)

  1. Although I agreed with the spirit of the position of not overreacting to the CFA controversy, I take a different position. I wish more Christians would have overreacted with positive support (via FB, Twit, email, etc) of their prior stance, and now inform CFA that they are just another secular corp that has bowed to a world viewpoint that is anti-Biblical.

    From a branding and marketing viewpoint, almost assuredly the response they received was tilted in support of a leftist view of marriage and they caved.

    In the past I would go out of my way to patronize them because of their stand. I now consider them just another fastfood franchise and will make my choices accordingly. I’ve informed them of that, but I would doubt I will get any response.

    Just my 2 cents! 😀

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