What’s In My Podcast Playlist?

I like podcasts and blogs. I read a lot of blogs, and listen to several podcasts. For the average person who commutes to work, or has a desk job that allows you to listen to media, the podcast can be a great way to listen to quality conversations and opinions. Many schools offer free podcasts, and if you’re interested, you can listen to lectures on any number of subjects.

Today, I thought I would give a brief list of some of my favorite podcasts.

Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable radio show airs every Saturday morning on the UK’s Premier Christian Radio. The show’s goal is to get sceptics and Christians talking. Most often, the show has a Christian discussing a wide range of topics with an atheist. There are discussions between Christians and Mormon and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sometimes they’ll have Christians debating one another on anything from Creation/Evolution to the use of the KJV only.  There are often a wide range of guests including some of my old college and seminary professors. The Evangelical-turned-atheist Bart Ehrman is often a guest. Justin is a good host. He has an easy demeanor with his guests, and with exception of the aggressive rhetorical style of some of the Muslim clerics, and running into the defensive buzz-saw that is Mark Driscoll in one particularly memorable episode, the show is carried out in a typically British dignified manner. Each episode is about 1.5 hours long, so make sure you set aside the time.

Theology Unplugged from Credo House Ministries is a theological podcast. Credo House is this really cool concept of a coffee house (they take coffee seriously) whose real purpose is a place for people to discuss theology. They offer theology classes for laymen, and a host of other educational programs. On the podcast, Mike Patton and crew do a nice job breaking down complex theology into bite-size chunks accessible to the average audience if they are willing to think about theology. They bring in some big names in Evangelical scholarly circles including, Dan Wallace, JP Moreland, Mike Licona, Paul Copan, Sam Storms and several others. For the most part, the folks at Credo House are connected to Dallas Theological Seminary and approach theology from a Dispensational/Calvinistic/Complementarian perspective. Still, they are fair in their discussions of various viewpoints, and the show is a good listen.

Steve Brown Etc. Steve has been in Christian media for a long time, as well as being a former pastor, and a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary. If I could say one thing about Steve it is that he is full of grace. Sometimes that gets him in trouble, and he is not above saying shocking things, but I like him. The show is eclectic. He doesn’t do theology proper on his show, but there is a lot of life application, stories, and good interviews. Sometimes Steve will have people on that I really don’t agree with, but it’s good to listen to other voices.

The White Horse Inn is the podcast of seminary professor Mike Horton. Horton is Reformed, and comes at everything from that perspective, but he is a solid scholar and a good guy. He has a knack of disagreeing seriously but kindly with people.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly is a show on PBS. As such it is very broad in its coverage of religion. I like the show, and find it to be mostly positive and honest in its coverage. Some religious news shows only focus on the negative happenings and controversies within Christianity. This show has a better balance. I believe it can be viewed as a video podcast, but I download it as audio.