Dick and Rick Hoyt: Grace In Real Time

I must’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, but I just today saw this video of Dick and Rick Hoyt. If you haven’t heard, Rick was born with cerebral palsy. He has never walked, much less run, but he and his father run triathlons together. Actually Dick pushes, pulls, and carries Rick to the finish line.

I don’t know if the Hoyts are Christians, but this father and his son exemplify grace to me in a moving way. Touched me in so many ways, as a father, as a son, as a Christian leaning on the Jesus.

The father carries is child to the finish, and the child basked in that glory with his father. The joy is found in the journey together, and the effort is all one sided.

I am that man in the wheelchair, but I get to cross the finish line too. Grace. Sweet grace.

This Youtube version below is a bit grainy. The version on the Hoyts’ official website is very clear. You need to watch this video and pay attention to Rick’s facial expressions.


3 thoughts on “Dick and Rick Hoyt: Grace In Real Time

  1. An inspirations video to say the least. And you are right Eric, “Grace. Sweet grace.”
    I couldn’t stop thinking of how much, how deep and how wide is the love of Christ for us. He doesn’t stop just like Mr. Hoyt, even in the dark of night he makes sure Rick finishes the race.

    It’s also a motivation to me to be better as a father. To hear what my kids are saying, feeling and dreaming and to help them realize their dreams in what ever role I can play.

  2. I thought it somewhat strange that no mention of faith in God is made by the Hoyt’s in their promotional material, particularly if one or both are Christians. As part of our Strongs Bonds training for military families experiencing deployment some of us chaplains have used the inspiring example of Dick & Rick Hoyt’s intimate relationship of unconditional family love. According to one of Rick’s PCA’s (Personal Care Assistant) Rick was baptized as a Mormon in September 1997. This PCA ( her name is Heather O.) says: “The doctrine that brought Rick to the church was the idea that when we are resurrected, our bodies are perfect. No more cerebral palsy. When Rick heard that, he started laughing, smiling, grinning, snorting, moving all his limbs around, all the things Rick does that means that he is happy.” It is important to note that Heather herself is a Mormon. I have not seen and profession of faith from the Hoyt’s themselves though.

    • Thanks for this. I was wondering about their religious convictions. Their official materials use Christian contemporary music, but I couldn’t find any thing that made any express statements one way or the other.

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