Rabbit Trails (12/22/12)

Jackalope RidingBack by (sorta) popular demand…Rabbit Trails! I took a couple of months off, but we’re back with more randomness from the World Wide Rabbit Trail.

Hopping down the WWRT on this Saturday in late December…


Dogs feel no shame, which is exactly why shaming them is so funny. There’s a lesson in this somewhere about how shaming and the law are ineffective in creating real righteousness. From dogshaming.com.

I came across this article from the NY Times. The author is an atheist writing about the attraction and inexplicable nature of the absurd as viewed through the Tebow experience. Very fascinating article.

You might wonder why I’ve taken such an interest in atheism. In part, it is because of the rise in pop-atheism that seems to be catching on. It isn’t a particularly sophisticated sort of atheism as in years past, but a type of atheism that relies on ridicule more than argumentation. I’m actually kind of surprised by the resurgence post-911. Atheism proved decades ago to be a mostly dead exercise. Anyway, here’s an interesting article from CNN talking about the different way in which atheists respond to Christmas.

Christianity Today reports that Wheaton College won a major victory in its fight against the healthcare mandate. The Obama administration must report with the Washington DC appellate every 60 days to demonstrate that it is rewriting the rules to protect college’s religious freedom. It has until March 31, 2013 to fully comply. Private corporations run by Christians still have no exemption.

I’ve been a huge Tolkien fan since Jr. High. I’m a nerd about it. I saw the “The Hobbit” last week and thought it was quite good but not great. I’ve always thought that the Hobbits were Tolkien’s ideal for humanity. That said, I loved this analysis of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf’s attempt to rescue him from himself.

Greg Boyd has always struck me as a smart and quirky guy. He has some interesting thoughts on Christmas you might like to know.