Repost: From a communistic & atheistic background…to Christianity

I’ve alway been fascinated by conversion stories, particularly those stories from atheists who discover faith in Christ.

Yesterday, Laura, the blogger at Enough Light recounted the salvation story of a woman she met in a seminary class. This woman is a highly educated physicist from China. She was an atheist before coming to the United States.

Hers is a really interesting story about coming to America and meeting Christians for the first time. Her story reminds us too how some of the things we do in church are perfectly normal to us, and not really harmful, but are often interpreted in all sorts of ways given a person’s background.

Bible study sessions were difficult ones for me to go through. The format of the study and the personal application discussions reminded me so much about the political study sessions I had in China. These political study sessions were mandatory, and were held weekly for many years in China. The materials for study were prepared by local communist unit, and everybody had to state how he or she was going to apply what was studied to his or her daily life.

Take a few minutes to check it out.