Podcast Recommendation: Think Christianly

Jonathan Morrow from Think Christianly

Jonathan Morrow from Think Christianly

In last few years, I’ve become an avid listener of several podcasts of the theological and apologetic sort. Podcasts give us the ability to easily listen to hours of top-notch scholars and leading Christian voices as they talk about a wide range of issues. In some cases, the quality of the conversation is such that a person really can come away having learned something new, or at least hear an idea we haven’t before. 

As is the case with anything, you’re not going to agree with everyone to which you listen. Be careful if you do. Living in an echo chamber doesn’t make us more capable of living for Christ in this world. On some issues, there is a wide range of Christian opinion, and it is good to listen to the voices of other Christians, carefully hearing what they are saying. So, I don’t pick my podcasts based primarily on who is in my “camp”. I choose mine based on content and subject. I enjoy hearing what others have to say even if they sometimes make my head want to explode.

I want to encourage you to not be intimidated by the thought of a theology blog or podcast. If you are new to thinking about such things, you will probably struggle at first to grasp some of what is being said. Stick with it. Nothing worth doing is easy. The best stuff is always hard.

Anyway, today I recommend to you a podcast I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that Think Christianly has actually been up and running for a couple of years, so there is a pretty good archive you can dig through if you’re interested. This is a really interesting and eclectic audio blog. Jonathan Morrow, the guy behind the project, is an evangelical Christian who has a knack for getting good scholars and touching on the right topics at just the right time.

In just the last few months he has discussed “contradictions” in the Bible with Dr. Darrel Bock. He has commented on Piers Morgan and what appears to be his intolerance of Christianity. He has talked about the existence of Hell, preparing kids for college, and a wide range of other topics. He has a good breadth of interests, and the discussions are informative.

Think Christianly is available on the web and through iTunes.