This Is Where Our Choices Lead (Dr. Gosnell Case)

I know I don’t say too much about Culture War issues, but the killing of the unborn is a fundamental issue of justice not an argument over culture. It is justice not only for the child, but for the mother who doesn’t know what she is about to experience, and for whom the consequences can be devastating. Defending the helpless, all of them, born and unborn is a Christian mandate. Period.

In the days of the Roman Empire it was common for parents to throw unwanted babies into a field or forest to die of exposure. It was Christians that went into those killing fields – breaking the law – and rescued those children to raise them as Christians. Welcome to Rome. I’m not advocating law breaking, but I am saying that Christians being aware of the issues and acting appropriately has always been something we’ve done.

The criminal case in Philadelphia against one Dr. Gosnell, an abortion doctor, can only be described as horrifying. I don’t really want to post about it, because it so greatly disturbs me to think of the evil we allow to happen. It is utterly deplorable that this story hasn’t received more attention in the mainstream press. But then, this wouldn’t fit the agenda.

We need to know that we’ve been walking down this road of disregard for human life for decades, and this is where the road leads.

Here are some links to various blog posts and reports. I warn you, this is NOT for the faint of heart.

Blogger Laura at Enough Light posted some of these links. I’m reposting them here.

From the USA Today.

From Human Events.

Finally, the following video gives us a cruel picture of what is going on. BE WARNED: THIS 21 MINUTE VIDEO IS NOT EASY TO WATCH.

Video at

If anyone can watch this and come away thinking this is no big deal, or that we can excuse this away as an isolated incident, or that your politics of choice matter more than children, then you are being willfully ignorant. Abortion is not just a theory of rights, it is a reality of death.