Dr. Dan Wallace On The Gospel Of Judas

On Friday, I posted an interview about New Testament canon formation. Today, I bring you a post from Dr. Dan Wallace discussing one of the things that came up in that podcast, that is, the Gnostic gospels. Dr. Wallace briefly discusses the authenticity of the Gospel of Judas. We should remember that the Gnostic gospels like this one have been around for a long time. They have never been accepted by the Church universal as authentic scripture. They are sort of like the fan fiction of their day, except that some people tried to form a religion around them.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Dan Wallace On The Gospel Of Judas

  1. It’s an interesting topic to me. I was recently watching one of my favorite shows on History – Ancient Aliens. I’m a sci-fi buf, and I consider it sci-fi, although they present it as a theory, and some have made a whole “religion” out of it. Nonetheless, it’s very entertaining to me. Many times they’ll take an occurence in the Bible, and try to add a sci-fi twist to it to explain something … ridiculous to me, but, still, I enjoy the science fiction! Recently, they made mention of a situation in the book of Enoch, and then said “this book and a good deal of many others used to be part of the Bible, and the church removed them”. I had to laugh, knowing that many, even christians, are unaware of such books as that one, the gnostics gospels, and “lost books of the bible”. Might be a interesting study for some.

    • Yeah, the “lost books of the bible” view is the common approach to these things now. The problem is that they were NEVER considered scripture by the VAST majority in the Church. It’s a complete misrepresentation of history to say they were taken out of the Bible. Nonsense.

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