Rabbit Trails (5/18/13)

After a long absence, my schedule has relaxed a little, and I thought we should bring back the Rabbit Trails.

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

The radio ministry of Harold Camping – the guy who has failed to predict the Apocalypse not once, but three times – appears to be in financial trouble. Religion News Service article.

If you’ve never read the “Get Religion” blog, you need to. The purpose of this blog is for Christians in the news media to critique the media’s coverage of news stories that have religious angles. I really enjoy reading their work. Just this week, this story about interviewing pro-choice activists about the Gosnell trial was really interesting.

For you paddlers out there, here’s some cool places to paddle in the north country. I’d love to do some of these sometime.

From CT, should pastors know what people give? This is interesting, and there are pros and cons to each position. I don’t know what anyone in my church gives. I would rather not. What do you think as a person in the pews?

All of the talk about being missional and radical has some asking if this is a new kind of legalism. I have the same question. I might post on it sometime.

I’ve had this link saved for a while, and it’s worth another look. Ten reasons our kids are leaving church.


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