Rabbit Trails (7/13/13)

Rabbit Trails is my chance, once a week, to highlight the stuff on the World Wide Rabbit Trail that I find interesting. It’s totally self-indulgent. This is the stuff that interests me. Hope you find it interesting too.

Hopping down the WWRT this week…

From last week, I found this article from Christianity Today discussing the morality and biblical justifications for the American Revolution very interesting. His remarks at the end of the article are something I’ve found to be true in my own reading: American Christians have always had a tendency to allow their political ideology to shape their theology instead of the other way around.

This pastor/blogger gives some good insights into the emotional and spiritual battle that goes along with preaching. It used to be that I couldn’t preach without then falling into dark place of self-doubt. Pastors call it the “Monday Morning Blues,” and it’s really, really common. This is hard to explain to people who don’t preach. I once had a teacher say that she couldn’t understand why preaching three times on a Sunday was so hard. She stood and taught six classes a day. I once – only once – shared that I often suffer from insomnia the night before I preach. I often don’t sleep for more than a couple hours. Someone made a joke, “Well, that explains your preaching.” Time, experience, and learning to be spiritually ready for the task have eased this for me, but sometimes…

Compare the CT article with this one from CNN’s Belief Blog taking a look at the Christian anti-Patriot movement.

For you theology loving folks, Peter Leithart highlights the work of John Bombaro as the latter makes the case that Jonathan Edwards was a panentheist. This will probably upset some Edwards fans. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but it is definitely worth looking into.

The Muslim holiday of Ramadan has begun, and the TSA has issued advisories to its screeners on what they may encounter.

It’s a fact that most Down Syndrome babies are aborted. In light of that, it was good to see this post about how Facebook was used to find an adoptive family for an unborn child, diagnosed with Down’s, whose parents were going to abort him/her if parents couldn’t be found within 24 hours.

Out of Egypt: life for Christians there is always a little precarious. The fear is now that the government has been taken over by the military, who will crack down on radical Muslims, those Muslims will take it out on the Coptic Christians. Some Copts have already been killed. They’ve see this pattern before.

In news of the weird confusing: Apparently, Satanists are divided on the abortion issue.

From Geeky Stuff, an info-graph about cell phone battery life. The iPhone is near the bottom as far as battery life, but it’s one of the fastest chargers.

Most of the times I’ve fallen out of a canoe, it was because someone was moving around too much. Here’s some tips on how to change places in a canoe.

Continuing in my Pittsburgh lovefest: this OB doctor welcomes every baby into the world with a song.


5 thoughts on “Rabbit Trails (7/13/13)

  1. I look forward to these every week. Always something to make me think. I was especially this week by those sermons by the colonists. Scary how easy it is to manipulate God’s Word.

    And now I know how to change spots in a canoe. Of course, in this day and age this means I’ll have to get my phone out of my dry bag so that I look up this article that I’ve saved to Evernote. Not sure “hold onto your phone carefully while you perform this” is on there….

    • Ok, I meant to say “I was especially challenged this week….”.

      I have a very nasty habit of omitting words. It’s not old age, for I’ve done it for eons. I even proof for it. So annoying.

  2. Oh I don’t think it’s self-indulgent. : ) I enjoy those who share links to articles and news, as it helps me keep in the loop. There is so much news out there today online, it can be easy to miss things.

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