Rabbit Trails (7/20/13)

All sorts of goodies going on this week on the old WWRT…

Here’s a take on the media reporting on the phenomenon of the Christian hipster pastor. If you know me in the flesh and blood world, you know that I am not a hipster. It’s hard to be cool if you look like some combination of an oversized Hobbit and Charles Ingles.

Denny Burk talks about pundit Kirsten Powers’ conversion to Christianity.

Hobby Lobby won a major victory this week in a Federal court in its fight against the healthcare mandate.

If you pay attention to such things, the Church of England’s new Archbishop of Canterbury is an interesting guy serving in a complex and difficult time.

This is an interesting movement among some Christians to figure out how to hack internet firewalls for the purpose of helping persecuted Christians in persecuting countries.

This one stings: a recent Pew survey shows that about half of regular Church goers think that pastors contribute very little to society. Ouch. Those of us who’ve done this for a while know it’s true, especially when the person stating this criticism is thinking in terms of material goods. I had a lady once accuse me of not contributing because I don’t pay taxes, which is funny because the IRS seems to have forgotten to inform me of that useful little factoid.

Here’s an interesting story from the world of sport about Tennessee’s “jock tax.” Professional athletes must pay $2,500 per game, (max of $7,500) to play in the state of Tennesse.

One more from the world of sports. Some goofy dude in pink and yellow decides to run alongside the Tour de France cyclists. Bad choice. Watch the vid…