About this Blog

This blog is born out of a concern for the Church in America. Specifically, I’m concerned about the direction of Evangelicalism and free churches in particular. I am sensing a deep divide coming in Evangelicalism, in fact, I think the divide is upon us. We’ve become a house divided over a variety of secondary issues and concerns. Some churches are sold out to pragmatism and big numbers in the name of evangelism. Some are cloistered away pointing their fingers at everyone who disagrees with them and their narrow definition of true Christianity. Somehow, in all of this I don’t see Jesus.

Why the name “Simple Profundity?” I chose this name because this is how I view the Gospel, and says so much about my faith in Jesus. The Apostle Paul tells us that God uses the simple things (the gospel) to confound the wise. He also tells us that the gospel is foolishness to those who are dying in sin, but to those who are being saved, it is the power of God. Jesus was a carpenter who walked on water, healed the sick, and introduced us to the Word became flesh. He was the God-Man born of a simple virgin girl, who later was resurrected by God the Father to profoundly and fundamentally change the world.

How will we respond to this simple profundity? That is what this blog is about.

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