Blog Rules

  1. I am a Christian. This means there is a gracious way we are supposed to behave even in a discussion format as limited as a blog.
  2. No matter the topic or how strongly we feel about it, we are going to keep the conversation civil.
  3. Civility means don’t be afraid to make your case, but don’t be pointlessly argumentative.
  4. No profanity.
  5. No personal attacks on someone’s character, family, or their mama.
  6. Everyone gets a warning or two depending on the egregiousness of the offense.
  7. Three strikes and you’re out. “You’re out” means I’ll ban you from posting forever.
  8. Keep comments on topic.
  9. Keep comments relatively short.
  10. I will moderate and edit comments if I feel it necessary, but I will generally leave the moderation turned off.
  11. I am the final arbiter over what is civil and on topic. It’s my blog. I make the call.
  12. Please remember that the opinions I express on this blog are mine, and do not represent the church I serve. Some in it might agree with me and some will not.

If you want to contact me directly you can at


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