Bad Reasons To Leave Your Church

As a follow up to my post about good reasons to leave a church, I wanted to talk about bad reasons to leave a church. Please note that none of the examples I mention here are reflective of any particular person in the church where I serve. I have been in churches all my life, and been working in churches since 1996. Only 7 of those years have been in my current location. I have anecdotes from lots of previous ministry experiences.

So here goes…
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(Some) Reasons To Leave Your Church

Christians leaving their churches is not new, and the fact that some churches grow at the expense of other churches isn’t either. Generally, this kind of movement is not good or healthy. It brings shame upon the body when people bounce from church to church with whatever whim happens to be fashionable that day.

Still, there are good reasons to leave a church, and when faced with the decision, it is not simple, and the choice should not be made lightly. I thought I would share a few thoughts I’ve had on some good reasons to leave a church.
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