Sit Down And Be Quiet

I don’t if you feel this way, but my life is very noisy. I don’t mean busy, I mean noisy. As if there are too many voices all vying for my attention. It’s easy to let those voices take over. It’s easy to be plugged in to everything and simultaneously spiritually checked out. It’s one of the troubles of our day. We are over saturated with so much information, so much music, so many voices, but we lack the quietness to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking. We are always hearing, but never listening. Continue reading


You Might Be A Paddler If…

I found this over at the Black Hills Paddlers.

You might be a paddler if…

  1. Your spouse has to park in the driveway because your entire garage is crammed with boats and gear.
  2. You pick a line through every river you see in PBS nature shows.
  3. You veer wildly while driving across bridges looking for paddleable water.
  4. You love winter only because snow is just water waiting to be paddled.
  5. From March to October your car has that unique blend of neoprene, damp Gore-Tex, and sweat, best described as River Funk.
  6. All your “sick days” last year suspiciously matched the high water days on your favorite creek or river.
  7. All your non-paddling friends roll their eyes and groan when the word kayak is mentioned anywhere near you.
  8. The local sporting goods store hands out your personal card to prospective boaters.
  9. Your homepage is set to and refreshes every 5 minutes.
  10. You drive a $500 car with a $600 roof rack and $5000 worth of boats and gear on it